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  • Do you make your own dough?

    Yes. We make our dough from scratch and use cold fermentation techniques to mature the dough over a period of 3 days. This method allows the dough to develop more complex flavours. It also produces a more digestible pizza.
  • What do I do if I have an allergy?

    Please inform us prior to placing your order. We have an allergy chart behind the counter, designed for staff and customer use. Remember to declare your allergy every time you place an order, as our menu and ingredients change, along with allergy information.

  • What size are your pizzas?

    We hand stretch all of our pizzas to 12".
  • What does DOP stand for?

    DOP is an Italian term: Denominazione di Origine Protetta. When translated this means: Protected Designation of Origin. It signifies a food item, such as cheese or tomato, that is protected and specific to a region. DOP certification ensures authenticity, similar to Champagne, which can only be produced within a specific region of France.

  • What kind of tomatoes do you use?

    Our tomato sauce is made using San Marzano tomatoes DOP (Protected Designation of Origin). A variety of plum tomato grown in the province of Naples - famous for its rich, sweet flavour, lower acidity and fewer seeds.
  • What kind of ham do you have?

    We use Parma Ham (DOP) aged for 24 months.
  • What is your signature white sauce?

    Our signature white sauce is made with butter, milk, extra mature cheddar and seasoning – it is not made with cream, but has a creamy texture. It is closest to a bechamel sauce. Our white sauce pizzas do not have any tomato sauce.

  • Can I freeze my pizza if I cannot finish it?

    Yes. You can freeze your left-over pizza, as we don't use any frozen ingredients. In fact, we don't have a freezer or microwave at our premises.

  • Do you have a pepperoni pizza?

    Yes. We have salsiccia, also known as ‘Italian Pepperoni’. We recommend ordering a margherita with salsiccia as an extra. Our salsiccia is mildly spicy, thinly sliced and from the region of Calabria. Prefer more heat? Try the Nduja Hit, this is one of our best sellers.

  • What is nduja, and how do you even say that?

    Nduja is a spreadable sausage from the Calabrian region of Italy. It has a smoky taste and it spicy kick (medium). It is pronounced as: en - doo - ya.
  • What are three things you don't have?

    Freezer, microwave and pineapple.
  • Do you have gluten free base?

    We don't currently offer this option. Gluten free bases are often bought in frozen, which goes against our principles.
  • Do you have a pineapple pizza?

    No. We love pineapple, but not on a pizza.
  • What is your food hygiene rating?

    We have a 5* hygiene rating issued by Trafford Council. You can find details here.


  • Do you deliver?

    We don't currently offer delivery service.
  • Are you on Uber Eats/ Just Eat etc?

  • Do you accept telephone orders?

    Sure! You can call ahead and place your order to collect at a certain time.

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22 Northenden Road, Sale, M33 3BR

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